Brushing Syndrome One of the rarest diseases in the World

As experienced by Megan Stewart, 13-year-old teenage girl was suffering from a rare syndrome called Brushing Hair Syndrome (syndrome combing hair). Touching objects that have a comb-like flow of static electricity and balloons can make his life drift.

His mother first came across this oddity when combing your hair while Megan was 6 years old, currently preparing for the first day of school.
"I was combing her hair in the living room. At that time she fell and her lips turn blue. Though he was fit and had never experienced it before. That's really scary, we do not know what happened, "said Megan's mother, Sharon Stewart.
Doctors at Yorkhill Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow, told Megan's parents that they had only heard one case of the same syndrome, which forced children to avoid any kind of static electricity because it could trigger a fatal reaction.
Sharon (40 years) claimed to have never heard of Hair Brushing Syndrome before. Doctors had told him only heard of one similar case. Doctors are still puzzled what caused a rare condition like Megan. He was born weighing only 1.05 kg and only for the palm of his hand.
At birth, Megan had diaphragmatic hernia or hole in the diaphragm. This condition means that her stomach move up or through his chest, so it only allows room for a lung.
At 6 months pregnant, her mother had been diagnosed with a potentially fatal condition that is pre-eclampsia. His mother was forced to undergo an emergency Caesarean section to save her son.
"I really do not know what it is but I know I could die from that condition, so I'm really scared. I was getting a lot of drugs and since then I can not remember anything, apparently I almost died, "explained Sharon.
But thanks to the skill of the doctors at Bellshill Maternity Hospital, Lanarkshire, Sharon Stewart successfully underwent a full recovery. But little Megan had to spend his first 18 months in Glasgow's Yorkhill Hospital.
Now, with that experienced a strange syndrome, a teenage girl from Wishaw Lanarkshire should avoid any kind of static electricity in their daily lives, such as a comb and a balloon.
"When we comb her hair, we had to lay him down and covered her head with water to stop the flow of static electricity occurs. He also should not be rubbing a balloon on his head during a party, "explains Sharon.
In addition to experiencing a strange syndrome, Megan is also suffering from asthma and a condition called dorsal stream dysfunction (dysfunction of the back flow), which makes it difficult to see fast-moving objects like a ball.
His family said that Megan had to face further surgery in the future. But now he could still live as usual.
"He's a young girl very happy. When he was in the hospital there were so many children there are dying and very sick so we are delighted that he's healthy and able to live his life. He was really against all odds. He is a small miracle, "said his mother.

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